About The League


The idea for the Fog City Basketball league came simply from the desire to get a team of friends together and play basketball. We began to look into local leagues and at the reviews they were receiving on public forums. After looking into the variety leagues it became clear that they were all very expensive and had received disappointing remarks. We realized that Pacifica has plenty of players that would appreciate an affordable local league that was ran professionally and allowed them to compete with and against their friends.. After a bit of research Fog City Basketball was born. We look forward to a long and competitive season with everyone!


Our Goal is to provide the City of Pacifica with a quality adult men’s basketball league. We would like 2011 to be the first of many successful seasons where competitive teams can commit to the entire regular season. To keep the entry fee per player/team as low as possible and have worked with the City of Pacifica and Ingrid B. Lacy School administration to gain access to their brand new facility for an incredible rate. We hope that this league is a healthy way to support community athletics and enable friends to showcase their basketball talent while having fun in a professionally run league.

Keys To Success

  • Commitment - This league depends on every team committing to playing one game a week for the length of the Season. If your team forfeits because players don’t show it is not fair to the rest of the teams who have payed to play every regular game.
  • Respect - There is zero tolerance for disrespecting any other player, the refs, scorekeepers, or the facility we play at. We all know how to compete in a professional and respectful way, so lets make sure that every player plays hard, clean, and leaves everything they have on the court
  • Competition - The best way to keep every team engaged and committed is to make sure the games are competitive. The only control you have over this is to come ready to play, show up on time, and maintain a full squad.

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