Summer 2013 | Player of the Week

Week 12 | Player of the Week | Brian “Pastey” Long – (Highlights = 8pts; Reverse Layup)

Pastey earned player of the week by stepping it up for his team when they needed it most.  Known mostly as a sideline motivator, Paste played the entire game and scored a season high 8 points in a crucial game against the Scrappy Vets.  Pastey had two free throws as well as a reverse layup that would have even impressed Dr. J. himself.  If you happened to glance at the score you would have noticed that Hella Yella won by seven points…..One can only come to the conclusion that it was Pastey’s contribution that won the game and helped lock up first place for his team.

Congratulations Pastey and Hella Yella. See you in the playoffs.

Week 12 Scoring Leaders

* Chris Solomon - 22 pts
* Johnny Moore - 20 pts
* Daniel Robinson – 23 pts

Week 11 | Player of the Week | Alex McKinley

Alex McKinley earned this weeks player of the week by going off. He had 18 points in the first half and didn’t let off in the second. He played solid defense while grabbing rebounds by the handfuls. His shot selection was conservative as he scored 31 points on very few shot attempts. He added a three 3 pointers and five assists to add to his all around complete game. Congratulations to Alex and the Great White Hypes on a big win.

Week 11 Scoring Leaders

* Colin Hughes – 12 pts
* Braun Wyzard - 22 pts
* Johnny Moore - 28 pts
* Daniel Robinson – 26 pts
* Michael Fuller – 16 pts

Week 10 | Player of the Week | Mike Miller

Mike Miller earns this weeks player of the week by dropping 18 points against the best defense in Fog City.  He scored only one 3 point shot which means he was in the paint really earning his baskets throughout the night.  Miller’s team Red Rum led at half by 20 points but the Scrappy Vets got scrappy and came back late to make it a close game until Miller kept them at bay with key shots in the second half. Congratulations to Mike Miller and the one loss Red Rum.

Week 10 Scoring Leaders

* Alex McKinley – 18 pts
* Adam Andrews - 13 pts
* Johnny Moore - 24 pts

Week 8 | Player of the Week | Brian Dea

Brian Dea earned this weeks player of the week award by doing it all against the struggling Great White Hypes. He recorded a triple double in a league with a running game clock.  This does not happen often and when it does it usually results in a victory and a POW. On the same night that Lebron James also recorded a triple double Brian was quoted saying, “I didn’t need to go into overtime to get mine.”

Congratulations Brian Dea and Hella Yella on a job well done.

Week 8 Scoring Leaders

* Rick – 23 pts
* Adam Andrews - 15 pts
* Johnny Moore - 22 pts
* Malangi Brothers – 33 pts
* Chris Solomon – 20 pts
* Jimmy Cook – 16 pts
* Michael Fuller – 18 missed shots

Week 7 | Player of the Week | Anthony Ochoa

Anthony Ochoa earned his first ever player of the week award by scoring 16 points on very few shot attempts in last week’s game.  He was lights out last Tuesday night in the Red Rum victory over the previously undefeated Great White Hypes.  Ochoa had four (4) threes at important moments in the game, and refused to let up his stellar defense.  Every time the Great White Hypes tried to get something going Ochoa or Wyatt Griffiths would drain a shot and take control of the game. Congratulations Anthony and Red Rum on a job well done in Week 7.

Week 7 Scoring Leaders

* Daniel Robinson – 27 pts
* Dustin Taylor - 15 pts
* Taylos Butler - 12 pts, and a dunk.

Week 5 | Player of the Week | Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson earns himself another player of the week award for leading his team on a comeback victory against the Scrappy Vets.

It is a challenge to score 18 points in this league but it is an even bigger challenge to score that many points against the best defense in Fog City.  Daniel was able to accomplish that with scoring inside and out.  With his son Steph Curry on the sideline Daniel was shooting the ball like he was Dell Curry.  Congratulations to Daniel and Hella Yella on a good game and a big win.

Week 5 Scoring Leaders

* Matt Feldman – 18 pts
* Alex McKinley - 13 pts
* Dustin Taylor - 16 pts

Week 4 | Player of the Week | Drew McAdams

Highlights: 25 points; 16 rebounds; 6 assists; 6 blocked shots

Drew earned this weeks player of the week by lighting up the stat sheet in a close game against the the third world. Drew dominated the painted area against guys less than half his age.  Drew also had countless highlights of blocks and assists as well.  Congratulations Drew McAdams on a job well done.

Week 4 Scoring Leaders

* Matt Feldman – 26 pts
* Jim Cook - 18 pts
* Wyatt Griffiths - 22 pts
* Chris Solomon – 18 pts
* Ivan Malangi – 19 pts

Week 3 | Player of the Week | Harold Stuart

Harold Stuart won this week’s player of the week because he tried as hard as he could every second of every play.  In the end he racked up 25 points for himself and a 30 point victory for the Great White Hypes.  Congratulations to Harold and the Great White Hypes on a definitive victory.

Week 3 Scoring Leaders

* Johnny Moore – 21 pts
* Mike Miller - 13 pts
* Alex McKinley - 18 pts

Week 2 | Player of the Week | Johnny Moore

This weeks player of the week goes to Johnny Moore. Not his first player of the week award but it is the first of the Summer 2013 season.

After his team the Bay Area Ballers fell behind at half 31-23 Johnny stepped his game up to the next level. With the help of his teammate Matt Feldman who recorded 18 second half points, Johnny and the Bay Area Ballers came back and won the day.

Congratulations to Johnny and the Bay Area Ballers.

Week 2 Scoring Leaders

* Matt Feldman – 20 pts
* Chris Solomon - 23 pts
* Adam Andrews - 13 pts
* Daniel Robinson – 16 pts
* Ivan Malangi – 15 pts
* Pastey – 7 pts

Week 1 | Player of the Week | Donald James

Donald James won this week’s Player of the Week by scoring a ton of points in a close loss. This proved to be an accomplishment as the Bay Area Ballers showed up to Week 1 with only four players.

Thanks to Donald keeping the game close against last years runner up, the Scrappy Vets, the Bay Area Ballers managed to get a good run in.

Congratulations Donald on winning this seasons first Player of the Week Award.

Week 1 Scoring Leaders

* Harold Stuart – 14 pts
* Chris Solomon - 20 pts
* Pat Power - 16 pts
* Brian Dea – 12 pts
* Ivan Malangi – 15 pts

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