Fall Ball 2012 | POW’s


Every year Tyler Stevens team shows up looking a little different.

You can expect to see different players, different jerseys and different names in all four of their Fog City seasons. One thing that remained consistent was their commitment to winning.

After four seasons of play, they have earned the number one seed in every single season. However up until this year they were unable to win the coveted Fog City Championship. This year the stars aligned just right for them to take that extra step into greatness. Team No Sleep had their hands full Wednesday night with the Scrappy Vets and their patented defense. Scrappy vets came out full force playing lights out defense and hustling to every loose ball. Team captain Mike Reid had is team once again in the finals with a good chance to win. Unfortunately his team fought the good fight but fell one possession short of the victory as they lost 46-43 to Team no Sleep.

Team no Sleep was led by lefty Justin Turres and Mark Campbell who dropped 11 and 12 points respectively. These beasts down low were able to match their opponent’s intensity and come up with numerous big plays inside. Defense was led by the team captain Tyler Stevens who came up with some big steals and stops. Brian Dea was a presence as always and Jay Thompson dropped in 11 points of his own. Shorty and Joe Muraski each added a couple of buckets, and in the end it proved to be the winning formula to bring the championship home.

Congratulations Team no Sleep on a great Fall Ball 2012 Season.

Week 12 | Player of the Week | Alex McKinley

Alex Mckinley is going to earn this weeks player of the week for a number of reasons, the first being that he had a monster game in a close win over the Goodfellas. The second reason is that he overcame two horrific injuries in the last year that kept him sidelined for months. But the main reason is that Alex was able play at the very high level that he was always capable of playing.

Arguably the most complete player in Fog City, Alex was explosive scoring inside and out, stealing passes and swatting shots. It was a sight for sore eyes for the Great White Hypes as they got to see their star player come back in full form. The Great White Hypes just became a legit contender for the ship.

Congratulations to Alex and the rest of the Great White Hypes.

Jim Cook – 25 pts
Angelo DeJesus – 18 pts
Zach Bell- 18 pts
Braun Wyzard – 24 pts

Week 11 | Player of the Week | Jimmy “Snowy Leo-P” Brandt

Jimmy “Snowy Leo-P” Brandt earned this weeks player of the week award by helping his team receive their first, and probably only, win of the season.

Jimmy Brandt was lights out on Wednesday night going 6-8 from downtown. “I’ve never seen Brandt make a three in my life,” said Captain Brian “Pastey” Long after the game. “But I didn’t see him miss one tonight.” — Snowy Leo-P was all over the court playing high energy basketball on both ends of the court. Hella Yella only had five players last Wednesday but they played their hearts out. They ended up with a win, a POW, and a trip to the emergency for Fog City Co-Founder Brian Long. In the end it was a helluva night for Hella Yella. A shout goes out to Jimmy Cook for throwing up 18 and Kyle Kurth for his game winning shot.

Congratulations to Jimmy Brandt and the rest of the team. You are officially in the Win column.

Brian Dea – 30 pts
Johnny Moore – 20 pts
AJ Sampson – 18 pts
Braun Wyzard – 22 pts
Luke Milon- 19 pts

Week 10 | Player of the Week | Braun Wyzard

On a night when there were two forfeits including one from the league founders, it didn’t look like Halloween would see a game.

Nevertheless, 9:15pm rolled around and Tony Wierzba and Braun Wyzard made sure there teams were ready to play. They came ready to play putting up a total of 160 points. Braun scored 23 points and with the help of Donald James and Matt Ditty putting up 22 a piece, the Bay Area Ballers would take the win.

Congratulations on the POW and the win.

Week 8 | Player of the Week | Mark Campbell

Week in and week out Team No Sleep finds a way to win.

This week was no exception thanks to strong play from Fog City Veteran Mark Campbell. Mark was unstoppable on the post. If he got the ball down low it was a guaranteed 2, and many times 3 as Mark finished strong and followed it up with a free throw. Mark has kept his team undefeated and earned his first player of the week of the Fall season.

Brian Dea – 14 pts
AJ Sampson- 19 pts
Donald James – 22 pts
Jim Cook- 12 pts
Adam Andrews – 13 pts

Week 7 | Player of the Week | Saul Siminoski

Saul Siminoski earned this weeks player of the week by putting up big points in the paint on Wednesday night. His team Filthy McNasty were currently on a four game losing streak, but with the help of A.J. Sampson, Saul was able to lead his team in a tight victory over Hella Yella.

Congratulations Saul on a job well done.

Tyler Stevens – 17 pts
Luke Milon- 14 pts
Mark Campbell- 18 pts
Jim Cook- 16 pts
Patrick Power- 14 pts

Week 6 | Player of the Week | Brian Dea

Brian Dea earned this weeks player of the week award by helping his team dominate. Brian either puts up big assists or big points, and tonight he decided to put up big points. Although there was nothing exciting about this game or Team No Sleep’s season so far, we felt that somebody on their team had to get some recognition. After all, they are undefeated. Congratulations on your Player of the week award and for a perfect season so far.

Week 6 Scoring Leaders

Tyler Stevens – 15 pts
DJ (Bay Area Ballers) – 20 pts
Harold Stuart - 16 pts
AJ Sampson- 18 pts
Dustin Taylor – 16 pts

Week 5 | Player of the Week | Jason Bendebel

Jason Bendebel earned this weeks player of the week by picking apart the Great White Hypes zone defense by launching threes and making them. The Goodfellas defeated the Great White Hypes by a slim margin thanks mostly to the play of Jason and week four’s player of the week Daniel Robinson.

It was a close fought battle but Jason and company were just too much for the GWH’s on that night. After the game Jason spoke about his performance, “I didn’t know if that was my dad or Jay Thomspson’s dad in the stands cheering from me. They are hard to tell apart. It didn’t matter who it was I wasn’t missing tonight.” Well said Jason and congratulations on your POW award and for helping the Goodfellas earn their third straight victory.

Week 5 Scoring Leaders

Garrett Larson – 21 pts
Johnny Moore – 27 pts
Brian Dea- 16 pts
Jordan Valdry - 17 pts
Daniel Robinson – 18 pts

Week 4 | Player of the Week | Drew McAdams

Drew McAdams earned this weeks player of the week award by doing what he has done for the last few decades; straight up ball.

Drew who is the oldest member of Fog City Basketball (42) proved this week that he is also one of the best. Drew was a monster inside grabbing boards and blocking shots. He was also very crafty scoring all of his 16 points from inside the paint, showcasing his old school moves and his mastery of kissing the ball off the glass.

Drew led the Great White Hypes in a double digit comeback over Filthy McNasty. Whenever his team needed a clutch play Drew was there with a huge rebound or a big shot. The guy can flat out play. Congratulations Drew on a huge win and a great performance.

Week 4 Scoring Leaders

Mark Campbell – 37 pts
AJ Sampson- 21 pts
Jordan Valdry- 14 pts
Jason Bendebel- 19 pts
Brian Dea- 20 assists

Week 3 | Player of the Week | Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson earned this weeks player of the week award by leading the previously winless Goodfellas to victory over the undefeated Bay Area Ballers.

Daniel put up big points shooting a very high percentage and dominated the paint grabbing big rebounds and taking frequent trips to the free-throw line. Anytime the Bay Area Ballers would make a run at coming back Daniel would hit another huge shot to secure the lead. Congratulations Daniel on a great game and a big win!

Week 3 Scoring Leaders

Mike Fuller – 15 pts
AJ Sampson- 23 pts
Johnny Moore- 18 pts
Matt Ditty- 15 pts
Jason Bendebel- 17 pts

Week 2 | Player of the Week | Barry Power

Barry Power earned this weeks player of the week award by helping his team bounce back from an ugly loss the previous week. Barry put up big points while grabbing multiple rebounds and playing Scrappy Vets patented lock down defense.

The Great White Hypes tried to make a late comeback but Barry and the Scrappy Vets were too disciplined and focused to allow that to happen. Congratulations Barry on winning this weeks player of the week.

Week 2 Scoring Leaders

Tyler Stevens– 22 pts
AJ Sampson- 18 pts
Johnny Moore- 21 pts
Mark Campbell- 18 pts
Luke Milon- 20 Missed Shots

Week 1 | Player of the Week | Johnny Moore

Johnny Moore earned the first POW honors of the season by doing what he does best, scoring . Johnny Moore was a free agent once again this year making himself a member of the Bay Area Ballers.

Johnny helped carry his team past the Scrappy Vets balancing his scoring between lay ups, three-pointers, and free throws. Johnny is once again at the top of the scoring leaders and his team is at the top of the standings.

Congratulations Johnny on great performance and a big win.

Week 1 Scoring Leaders

AJ Sampson– 14 pts
Nate Gustavson – 15 pts
Mark Campbell - 16 pts
Dustin Taylor - 20 pts
Braun Wyzard – 23 pts
Brian Long – 4 Turnovers

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