Summer 11′ POW’s

Week 10 POW – Snatchtastic

G/F/C – Snatchtastic

As the season rounds out, the anticipation for the playoffs is mounting.  With 10 out of 12 teams in the playoff bracket, it is clear that a championship trophy is any team’s to earn.  While many teams have secured their entry into the tournament, a battle is brewing for the final slot in the post season bracket.  Snatchtastic have undoubtedly shown that they have the heart and hustle to earn their a playoff spot, they have suffered a few narrow defeats throughout the season but none were as heartbreaking as last week’s.

Plagued by hangovers, forgetfulness and age-induced injuries, Snatchtastic showed up on Tuesday night with a mere four players; Jimmy Brandt, Jim Cook, Steve Mooney, and Mike Herold.  After taping their knees, ankles, wrists…a good 30 minutes of stretching, and even one Vinyasa Cobra Pose, the aroma of Bengay filled the arena as Snatchtastic took the court.  After the first half they surprisingly had the lead.  Heart and hustle prevailed for Snatchtastic as they continued to chase down loose balls, play ridiculous defense, and out rebound their opponent with only 4 guys on the court.  The game came down to the final seconds and Snatchtastic won the crowd as they fought for the win with every last drop of gas in the tank.  Up two points with thirty seconds left, The Coyotes had one last shot to tie or win the game.  After one long three; Jeremy Miller of the Coyotes narrowly secured a rebound with seconds left and tipped it out to Colin Hughes.  Hughes, with 2 seconds left on the clock had one chance to win the game.  The shot went up… the crowd held their breath, and the bucket fell through the net.  The game was over before the heartbroken crowd could exhale.  Despite their admirable effort Snatchtastic lost by one point.

Everyone roots for the underdog and this match-up was most exciting game of the season.  It was as motivating as Rudy, as engaging as Rocky, and more heartbreaking than Cool Runnings.

Despite their losing effort, Snatchtastic proved to be more inspirational than Four Jamaicans in a bobsled.  “Feel the rhythm, Feel the ride, Get on up, it’s Snatchtastic time!.  Old School Runnings!

Congrats to Snatchtastic’s Jimmy Cook, Jimmy Brandt, Mike Herold, and Paul Mooney.  You 4 earned this weeks players of the week.

Week 9 POW – Jordan Valdry

G – Great White Hypes

After a four week break Fog City Basketball picked up right where we left off.  The competition was fierce right out of the gate when the  2nd seed Great White Hypes faced off against the 4th seeded Warriors.  It was a fast paced battle between two worthy opponents that literally came down to the very last moment.  The Great White Hypes led for the majority of the game but in the end the 2nd half Chris Solomon and the Warriors put the pressure on the former champs and made a run at the lead.  Down by 3 with only seconds left, the Warriors fired one three just short then showed their heart as the snatched an offensive board and kicked it back out to Chris Solomon as the seconds ticked away.  Solomon caught the ball and shot all in one motion as the buzzer blew in the background…. And the ball fell through the net.  Everyone immediately turned to the head official who made the call…  “No Basket”  just a moment too late.

One player on the Great White Hypes controlled the game, hit big time shots, and sank his free-throws.  If there was a Fog City Fantasy Draft today this player would be the #1 pick because of his well-rounded game.  Jordan Valdry showed his composure, controlling the tempo of the game.  Valdry hit four threes in his 17 point effort, and assisted nearly every player on his team.  Jordan Valdry showed he is an elite point guard in this league and earned this week’s Player of the Week.  Congrats Jordan.

Week 8 POW – Ivan Wojociechowski

G – Filthy McNasty

With the season coming up on a 4 week break the competition remained fierce as the players knew this would be there last opportunity to earn a win for a month.  Both nights were filled with deep 3 point shots, soaring finger rolls, and acrobatic finishes.  One thing is for sure, Fog City Basketball will be missed while Ingrid B. Lacy Gym gets polished in August.   Heading into the break one team remains undefeated.  Stonebarger Law has put together a well rounded team of players that can do just about anything. While they have strong shooters and incredible vision it is tremendous D that puts them on top and makes them the team to beat coming out of the 4 week break. But as we have seen over the last 8 weeks every team has talent and anyone can win it all in September…. when it counts!

League Leaders

Gymboree Brick Layerz vs Stonebarger Law- Eric Farrel (SL) – 24 pts
St. Peters A1 Vs Filthy McNasty-
Ivan Wojociechowski (Filthy) – 25 pts
Cobra Cai Vs. Snatchtastic Garrett Larsen- (Snatchtastic) – 17pts
Daddy O’s Vs Presidio Coyotes- Jack Arbunich (Daddy O’s) – 28pts
Warriors Vs Still Ballin- Johnny Moore (SB) – 23 pts
The Great White Hypes Vs. Easy Skankin- Alex Mckinley (TGWH) – 21 pts

With nearly every game coming down to the wire it was an exciting week.  One game and one player stood out from the rest.  After coming off a tough loss last week Filthy McNasty showed up at IBL in week ready 8 ready to get dirty. Filthy came out strong against St Peters A1 and held the lead for the majority of the game.  As the final minutes ticked away the game became a nail bitter.  St. Peters A1 tied the game with seconds left but a clutch free throw from Anthony Ochoa gave Filthy McNasty the lead and the win. Throughout the game one player emerged as a leader.  With the ability to shake any defender,  get to the basket, and pop up and hit from the outside Ivan Wojciechowski proved to be an unstoppable offensive threat.  He also plays hard through every whistle and can shut down the quickest guards in the league.  Ivan clearly put together a complete game and earned himself the Player of the week with his 25 pt performance.

Week 7 POW – Jack Albunich

G/F – The Daddy-O’s

With 4 games left every team is beginning to size up their competition and find their best route into the Post Season Bracket.  There is only one week left before the mid season break and one team remains undefeated, but as the lower seeded teams gain momentum it will be harder and harder to stay on top.. as well as off the bottom.  This week proved that it is any one’s league to win when 3 of the bottom 4 teams upset their opponents.  Take a look at some of the leading scorers in week 7.

Week 7 League Leaders

Gymboree Brick Layerz vs Snatchtastic- Geranimo Walker – 24 pts
St. Peters A1 Vs Great White Hypes- Luke Milon (GWH) – 19 pts
Cobra Cai Vs. Warriors- Chris Solomon (Warriors) – 25pts
Daddy O’s Vs Filthy McNasty- Ivan Wojciechowski (Filthy) – 30pts
Stonebarger Law Vs Still Ballin- Johnny Moore (SB) – 28 pts
Presidio Coyotes Vs. Easy Skankin- AJ Reynolds (ES) – 13 pts

Player of the Week:

Week 7 was full of upsets but the game of the week came on Wednesday night when the Daddy O’s faced off against Filthy McNasty.  The Daddy O’s came into the game with a 1-5 record and were determined to earn their second win against one of the top teams in the league. Despite having one win the the Daddy O’s have been competitive all season losing by just a few points in the last few minutes of most of their games.  On Wednesday night they were determined to change there fate and did so with pure determination.  They trailed by as many as 20 points in the 1st half, but did not let their emotions interfere with their composure.

Beginning at the end of the 1st half Jack Albunich put on an offensive clinic that displayed his ability to make shots from anywhere on the court.  Jack sank 5 three pointers in the came but he was most impressive on the free throw line.  Jack earned 11 of his 39 points by sinking free throw ofter free throw in a high pressure situation.  But most importantly with under 10 seconds left and the game tied Jack made the most important bucket of the night, a game winning put back that earned the Daddy O’s another win and earned Jack this weeks player of the week.

Week 6 POW – Alex McKinley

F/C – Great White Hypes

We have passed the halfway point and the teams that worked hard and played hard have risen to the top.  Other teams have rebuilt after slow starts and are proving to be contenders.  There is still plenty of season left for the rest of the teams to identify their strengths, improve on their weaknesses, and push into the playoff tournament where any team can win it all!

Week 6 League Leaders

Stonebarger Law Vs. Daddy O’s - Jack (we’re not sure about Jack’s last name) – 25pts
Gymboree Briack Layerz Vs. TGWH – Johnny Liu (GBL) - 20 pts
Snatchtastic Vs. Filthy McNasty – Danny Ochoa (Filthy) -  18pts
Warriors Vs. Presidio Coyotes- Mike Miller (Coyotes) – 16 pts
Easy Skankin’ Vs. Still Ballin’- Johnny Moore (SB) – 42 pts
St. Peters A1 Vs. Cobra Cai – Johnny Harrington (STP A1) – 25 pts

Player of the Week:

The Game of the season came in the prime time spot last Wednesday night.  The Gymboree Brick Layerz coming off two wins had rebuilt with speed and athleticism and had the momentum coming into the game.  They dominated the entire game as The Great White Hypes struggled to show their championship caliber composure.

Deep into the second half, the Brick Layerz led by as many as 12 with just minutes left in the game.  Everyone in the gym considered the game over except for the reining champs.  Down by 12 with just over 2 minutes left the White Hypes stepped up their defense and displayed their team’s heart.  After a few quick buckets the game was almost within reach.

In the final seconds this week’s player of the week emerged as Alex Mckinley put together a performance reminiscent of Reggie Miller in the 1995 NBA Playoffs.  Down by 5 Mckinley hit a clutch jump shot to bring the Hypes within 3 points with less than 10 seconds to go.  On the following inbound play Mckinley, determined to win, hustled to the baseline, stole the inbound pass and immediately went hard to the rack.  The whistle blew as he was fouled on the way up and the crowd watched in silence as the ball fell through the net.  AND 1. Mckinley sank the free throw and the White Hypes pulled off the victory.  Congratulations to Alex Mckinley who put up 19 and earned this week’s player of the week!

Week 5 POW – Johnny Harrington

G – St. Peter’s (A1)

Week 5 was full of excitement as players and teams smashed records for the Fog City Basketball League.  Here are a few of the record setting performances of the week:

Most Points in a game-
Brian Dea (Stonebarger Law) 44 pts
Most 3 pointers in a game-

Michael Fuller (The Great White Hypes) 7  3-ptrs
Longest made shot-

Braun Wyzard (Daddy O’s) from the opposite free throw line
Most team points in a game-

Stonebarger Law 91pts

As you can see there has the many individual and team records were broken including the undefeated record of Still Ballin’ who was narrowly defeated by last year’s champions, The Great White Hypes.  Michael Fuller led the Hypes to the victory with is white hot outside shooting as he lit up the scoreboard for 29 pts.  Still Ballin’s loss has left Stonebarger Law on top of the standings as the only team yet to lose a game.

Week 5 League Leaders

Stonebarger Law Vs. Cobra Cai- Brian Dea (SL) – 44 pts
Snatchtastic Vs. Warriors – Chris Solomon (Warriors) -  20pts
Gymboree Brick Layerz Vs. Presidio Coyotes- Will Carico (GBL) – 21 pts
The Great White Hypes Vs. Still Ballin- Johnny Moore (SB) – 32 pts
Filthy McNasty Vs. Easy Skankin – Ivan Wojciechowski (Filthy) – 25 pts

Player of the Week:

In the closest game of the week between Daddy O’s and St. peters (A1) it was a battle down to the final seconds.  Daddy O’s top scorer Braun Wyzard proved once again that he can score from anywhere (literally) when he sank a three quarter court shot to bring the Daddy O’s within three at halftime.  But STP A1 star, Johnny Harrington was not going to be outdone on his Birthday.  Johnny took control of the game in the 2nd half hitting outside shots and clutch free throws to seal the victory.  Happy Birthday and Congratulations to Johnny Harrington whose 32 pt performance earned him this week’s player of the week!

Week 4 POW – Tyler Stevens

G – Stonebarger Law

Rain Delay…  Fog City Basketball was nearly interrupted by some odd summer showers that took everyone by surprise.  The humidity effected the integrity of the court as players slide across the baseline and tip-toed to prevent awkward falls.  While the hardwood was slick… it was the nets that were wet.  Two teams remain undefeated and at least one team can attribute their win on Tuesday Night to the hot shots of nearly every player.  The most exciting finish of the week came as Still Ballin’s Paul Mooney hit not one, but two clutch three’s in the final minute to give Still Ballin’ the 1 point lead with just seconds left on the clock.  Still Ballin earned there 4th victory to put them on top of the leader board tied with Stonebarger Law.

Week 4 League Leaders

Stonebarger Law Vs. Warriors- Tyler Stevens (SL) – 21 pts
Snatchtastic Vs. Daddy O’s- Braun Wyzard (Daddy-O’s) -  22 pts
St. Peters (A1) Vs. Still Ballin- Mark Campbell (STP-A1) – 23 pts
Gymboree Brick Layerz Vs. Easy Skankin- Will Carico (GBL) – 21 pts
The Great White Hypes Vs. Filthy McNasty- Ivan Wojciechowski – 17 pts
Presidio Coyotes Vs. Cobra Cai – Wyatt Griffiths – 14 pts

Player of the Week:

There was exceptional play across the board in week 4 with many stand out players, but when two undefeated teams face off the leaders step up.  Stonebarger Law justified there number one standing as they knocked off the Warriors in the first game of the week.  Player/coach Tyler Stevens proved to be a weapon on both sides of the court.  A few early buckets for Tyler gave him the confidence to step up his defense keep his team ahead for the majority of the game.  Tyler put led his team with 21 points and earned Stonebarger Law there 2nd consecutive Player of the Week.

Week 3 POW – Brian Dea

F/C – Stonebarger Law

Week 3 is a wrap and it is clear that some teams are finding their rhythm while others are still adjusting as they build momentum.  Shots from the outside stood out this week as the shooters in this league showed their touch, but it was speed and defense that made the difference for this week’s winners.

Week 3 League Leaders

Gymboree Brick Layerz Vs. Still Ballin’ – John Moore (SB) – 28pts
STP (A1) Vs. Snatchtatics – Nate Gustavson (STPA1) – 20pts
Filthy McNastys Vs. Presidio Coyotes – Danny Ochoa (Filthy) – 17pts
Daddy O’s Vs Warriors –  Chris Solomon (Warriors) – 19 pts
Easy Skankin Vs. Cobra Cai – Shantrell Stargen (GBL) – 37 pts!!!

Player of the Week:

Sometimes heart and hustle is all it takes to beat champions.  Stonebarger Law, Fog City’s Winter League runner up, had a second chance to face their opponent from last season’s championship game, The Great White Hypes.  The White Hypes started this season strong and the likelihood of Stonebarger earning a redeeming victory looked dismal when only 5 players were available for the game.  But heart and hustle paved the way for the undefeated team.

One player stood taller than the rest literally and figuratively.  Brian Dea, of Stonbarger Law made nearly every shot he took, and the one’s he didn’t he followed to grab the board and create another opportunity.  Brian Dea led his team to their 3rd victory and scored 24 pts in the best game of the week.  Brian’s performance earned him the week 3 player of the week.   Congratulations Brian!

Week 2 POW – Johnny Moore

G – Still Ballin’

The scoreboard lit up in week two as the leagues shooters came to life. Old veterins like Michael Fuller and Jason Tiran showed their range, but new comers Shantrell Stargen and Danny Ochoa showed that they can compete with the leagues top shooters as well.

Week 2 League Leaders

Filthy McNastys Vs. Still Ballin’ – John Moore (SB) 28pts
Stonebarger Law Vs. Snatchtatics – Rod Balandra (Snatch) 15pts
Easy Skankin Vs. Daddy O’s – Braun Wyzard (Daddy’O’s) 24pts
The Great White Hypes Vs. Presidio Coyotes – Michael Fuller (TGWH) 20pts
STP (A1) Vs Warriors – Johnny Harrington (STP) 25 pts
Gymboree Brick Layerz Vs. Cobra Cai – Kenneth Grant (GBL) 20pts

Player of the Week:

The game of the week came early Tuesday as Still Ballin’ faced off against Filthy McNasty. Both teams showed their endurance with only 5 starters and no subs. After Filthy’s hot start Still Ballin cooled them down as they sealed their first victory of the season by a narrow 1 pt margin. Last season’s league scoring leader showed he has not lost his touch as he amassed 28 pointts in the win. Johnny Moore earned his third POW title and First of this season with his high scoring performance. Congratulations to Johnny Moore the Week 2 player of the week.

Week 1 POW – Braun Wyzard

G – Daddy-O’s

Back in the gym just in time for Summer.

Fog City Basketball Summer season kicked off this week and the teams began to dust off the rust and find their rhythm.  The returning champs, the Great White Hypes picked up where the left off running their way to a fast paced victory, but there are some new challengers in the league that will make a repeat championship hard to come by.

New teams Filthy McNasty and The Warriors look strong, but in a 11 game season anybody can rise to the top and dethrone the current champs.

Week 1 Leaders

Daddy-O’s Vs Cobra Cai -  Braun Wyzard (Daddy O’s)  23 pts
Snatchtastic  Vs Great White Hypes – Alex Mckinley (TGWH)  20 pts
Presidio Coyotes Vs Still Ballin’ -  Johnny Moore (Still Ballin)16 pts
Gymboree Brick Layerz Vs. Filthy McNasty’s – (Filthy) AJ Samson 15 pts
St. Peters A1 Vs. Stonebarger Law – Mark Campbell (STP A1) 21 pts
Warriors Vs Easy Skankin’ – Stephen Roberts (Warriors)17 pts

Player of the Week:

In the first game of the season Braun Wyzard of the Daddy O’s came ready to play from the tip off. His 23 pt performance led the league in scoring and pushed the Daddy O’s past Cobra Cai for their first win of the season.  Congratulations to Braun Wyzard, Week 1 Player of the week.

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