Winter 10′ POW’s

Week 14 POW – Bill Lepeltak

Head Official – Fog City Basketball

Every end is a new beginning. After 14 weeks of basketball the regular season of Fog City has finally come to an end. We knew the guys we asked to create teams would be reliable and committed, but we had no idea how successful the launch of this league would be.

Here are a few highlights:

  • No Team won every game
  • No team lost every game
  • One team beat every other team AND lost to every other team
  • There were ZERO forfeits
  • The regular season leader was decided in the last week of the season
  • The last playoff spot was decided in the final minutes of the final game
  • There was one Solo Dunk and one Alley Opp!

Thank you to all of the players that participated in the league, showed up rain or shine, after vacations, and on their birthday. Thanks to all the friends and family that filled the stands and supported the league. And thank you Bill Lepeltak for being our Head Official and refing every single game by himself for the regular season.

The Fireworks started quickly with our 7pm game that featured 5 former players of the week. The hottest team in the league, The Great White Hypes battled The Squad for the title in the regular season and the number one seed in the playoffs. Both teams relied on their speed and outside shooting as they jabbed back and forth throughout the game. Outside shooting from former players of the week Luke Milon and Michael Fuller paved the way for the White Hypes victory despite exceptional play from the well rounded Squad. The first place game came down to one basket as the White Hypes hung on for the 50 to 48 win.
The prime time game featured two teams with very different styles. The Terra Nova Padres relied on fundamentals and tough Defense, while Snatchtastc displayed their grit and hustle through the final minutes. The Padres pulled ahead with the leadership of Tyler Stevens and the perfect touch that Andrew Kochevar puts on every shot. Kochevar’s 32 points in the game led The Padres, who finished with one of the best records in the league and will come into the playoffs as the second overall seed.

The last game of the night carried the most weight as the towering Presidio Coyotes faced off against their long time rival St. Peters A1 for the last spot in the playoffs. The Coyotes had beaten every team in the league except A1 coming into the night. STP A1 star Johnny Harrington had an explosive night putting up 31 points with an impressive 7 three pointers. But it wasn’t enough to defeat the Coyotes who took the lead in the 2nd half and never gave it back. Coyotes Big Man Nick Gooding proved he could play down low and outside as he earned 23 points and secured the victory for the Coyotes.

It was in all three games that this week’s player of the week stood out. In fact it was in every game of the season that this person stood out amongst the competition, and earned his title as the final player of the week. Bill Lepeltak showed his ability to dodge wild passes, and displayed exemplary discipline when the competition was at its peak and the games got intense. Whether it was SVZ shouting from the sideline, Tyler calling his own fouls, or Chris high-fiving his outstretched hand as he signaled a good 3-pointer, he took it in stride. The competition was fierce, Bill let us all play basketball, and in the end, it was the ability of the teams that decided the games. Congratulations to Bill Lepeltak, the Fog City Head Official. You are the final Player of the Week!

Congratulations to the Week 14 player of the week – Bill Lepeltak

Week 13 POW – Luke Milon

G – The Great White Hypes

When this league was created there was one factor that we couldn’t control that would determine the success or failure of the inaugural season. That deciding factor was the competition. We trusted each captain to put together a team that would respect the league, show up to every game, and leave everything they had on the court. We couldn’t ask for anything better with one more game on the line. As we roll into the final week of the season the competition is at it’s peak. The last game of the season has tremendous significance for the top 5 teams battling for their position in the playoffs. There is a 3 way tie for first and a 2 way tie for the last spot in a 4 team playoff leading up to the final week of the season.

The games in week 13 paved the way for an exciting finish. For St. Peters A1 the playoffs started at 7pm on Tuesday night. With their season on the line the entire team stepped up scoring 72 points in their victory over Still Ballin. With 5 players scoring double digit points STP A1 showed that they have the depth needed to push into the post season.

The prime time game featured two of the top three teams who are battling for the best position in the playoffs. The Terra Nova Padres showed up when it counted and handed The Squad their 3rd loss of the season. The well rounded play of team captain Tyler Stevens led the Padres despite Mark Campbell’s dominant performance on the post.

The hottest team in the second half of the season seems to produce a new scoring leader every week. The Great White Hypes battled there way into the number one seed going into the last game of the season which will be against former top team, The Squad. On Tuesday night aggressive defense and impressive depth gave the White Hypes the advantage over Snatchtastic. Explosive plays from Taylos Butler pleased the crowd, but it was scoring leader Luke Milon’s performance that stood out and earned him this weeks player of the week. Milon couldn’t miss from beyond the arch putting up 5 threes along with an additional 6 points inside the paint. Congratulations to Luke Milon who scored 21 and put his team into 1st place. You are the week 13 player of the week.

Congratulations to the Week 13 player of the week – Luke Milon

Other Stars of the Night

Johnny Moore (Still Ballin) 35 pts
Mauricio Martnez (Still Ballin) 15 pts
Johnny Harrington (STP A1) 22 Pts
Chris Solomon (The Squad) 26 pts
Tyler Steven (TN Padres) 27 Pts
Alex Mckinley (TGWH) 15 pts

Week 12 POW – Michael Fuller

G – The Great White Hypes

The best word to describe the competition in week 12 is UPSET! In all three close matchups the underdog battled back against the favorite and ended up adding another tally to their win column. As the night went on each upset was more meaningful than the game prior. And the end result…. a close competition that will come down to the final two games of the season for the last playoff spot.

In the first game of the night the white hot White Hypes continued to prove they have what it takes to beat any team in this league. The Terra Nova Padres packed with 3 former players of the week were clearly the favorite against the smaller Great White Hypes who were yet to produce a POW. But it has been the combined effort and synergy of the whole team that has led them on a playoff clinching winning streak, proving that it takes more than star players to succeed in a competitive league like Fog City.

The Prime time matchup came down to the final minutes as Snatchtastic hung on for their 2nd victory of the year. Snatchtastic’s superior defense gave them the edge as their two offensive stars Jim Cook and Jimmy Brandt produced a combined 33 points to seal the victory.

In game 3 Still Ballin’ showed that they have turned their season around thanks to the high-low combination of guard Johnny Moore and forward Drew McAdams. They defined themselves as dream killers as the knocked off the Presidio Coyotes who had a chance to clinch the final playoff spot.

With the competition getting closer every player needs to capitalize on the opportunities their supporting cast creates for them. One player clearly made his shots when the pressure was on and deserves to be named this week’s player of the week. Michael Fuller came alive in the second half hitting 5 threes for a total of 15 points. Fuller’s hot hand from beyond the arch gave the White Hypes the confidence they needed to pull off the upset. Congratulations to Michael Fuller, the Fog City Week 12 Player of the Week.

Congratulations to the Week 12 player of the week – Michael Fuller

Other Stars of the night include:

Johnny Moore (Still Ballin) 34 pts
Brad Harman (Presidio Coyotes) 20 pts
Jay Thompson (TN Padres) 13 pts
Johnny Harrington (STP A1) 17 pts
Jim Cook (Snatchtastic) 20 pts

Week 11 POW – John Moore

G – Still Ballin’

The end of the inaugural season of Fog City Basketball is closing in fast, but that isn’t slowing the competition among the 7 teams that make this league the best thing that happened to Tuesday night since tequila and tacos. The arena was packed this week with friends and family all excited to see their favorite players put on a show.

The first game of the night kicked off the competition as the Terra Nova Padres made their case to be the number one seed. They came out with an unexpected full court press that put St. Peters (A1) in a 10 point hole they never climbed out of. Former Players of the Week Tyler Stevens and Andrew Kochevar led the charge as The Padres defeated STP (A1) 68-55.

The prime time game meant the most as the 3rd place Great White Hypes faced the 4th ranked Presidio Coyotes. The White Hypes proved that their tough zone defense and double teams gave them the best chance to win against the bigger Coyotes. The Luke Milon-Taylos Butler-Jordan Valdry trio proved to be enough offensive to get the job done as the White Hypes hung on for the victory.

The final match first place The Squad and struggling Still Ballin’ surprisingly turned out to the best game of the night. In a game that came down to the final seconds one player clearly stood out from the rest. John Moore who has proven he can do it all kept Still Ballin’ close throughout the game as he lit up the scoreboard scoring from everywhere. Johnny’s unbelievable 37 point performance set a Fog City record and earned him his second player of the week. Congratulations to Johnny Moore. Despite a close loss you deserve to be the Player of the Week.

Congratulations to the Week 11 player of the week – John Moore

Other Stars of the night include:

Drew McAdams (Still Ballin) 16 pts
Mark Campbell (The Squad) 20 pts
Johnny Harrington (STPA1) 22 pts
Keith Smith (STPA1) 14 pts
Luke Milon (TGWH) **(Shook off being swatted half-way across the court, to put up 10 pts)

Week 10 POW – Drew McAdams

F/C – Still Ballin’

The last month of the season is upon us. With only four weeks left and four playoff spots every game counts as each team tries to stay out the bottom three positions. Now that the top two teams, The Squad and the Terra Nova Padres both have two loses any one of the top 5 teams can finish as the number one seed after regular season. I’m sure we will have just as much excitement down the stretch as we did in our week 10 matchups

The crowd was back for another week of action on Tuesday night. The upset of the night happened in the prime-time slot (8pm) as the Presidio Coyotes proved that they are a serious threat to take the second half of the season by storm. The Coyotes led for the majority of the game and hung on to a 1 point lead to seal the victory over The Squad.

In the final game of the night The Great White Hypes proved to have the legs to finish when they turned a 2 point lead at the end of the first half into a 24 point victory over St. Peters (A1). Alex Mckinley led the charge with 19 points as TGWH out ran STP (A1) who had trouble finishing on their smaller, but faster opponents.

But it was the first game of the night that produced this week’s clear player of the week. Still Ballin’s Drew McAdams showed that he is “Still Ballin” after 10 weeks. Drew put on a post players clinic as he grabbed nearly every rebound, finished quickly and easily underneath, and showcased his turnaround 7 footer. Drew produced 25 points and led his team to their second win of the season over Snatchtastic. Congratulations to Drew McAdams, the Week 10 Player of the week.

Congratulations to the Week 10 player of the week – Drew McAdams

Other Stars of the night include:

Nick Soberanis (STP A1) 10 pts, (**tons of boards)
Alex Mckinley (TGWH) 19 pts
Mike Lamson (Snatchtastic) 13 pts
Jimmy Brandt (Snatchtastic) 14 pts
Johnny Moore (Still Ballin) 16 pts
Nick Gooding (Presidio Coyotes) 17 pts

Week 9 POW – Jay Thompson

G – Terra Nova Padres

There was an abundance of highlights and no lack of headlines to choose from after our week 8 matchups. Should we emphasize the incredible team effort by the TN Padres that led them to record setting 73 pts scored?, or should the St. Peters (A1) defeat of the formerly unbeatable team, The Squad, be the leading story? Maybe the thunderous Alley-Oop Dunk by newly recruited Nick Gooding of the Presidio Coyotes should be the attention getter this week? As you can see there was plenty of action Inside the Fog City Arena as the top teams cling to their leadership positions and the lower seeded teams climb their way towards a playoff spot.

The first game of the night was the game of the week. St. Peters (A1), led by scoring leader Johnny Harrington, came out with a game plan to win and executed it perfectly. The ball movement inside and out and tenacious defense proved to be the winning combination against a team that was threatening to run away with the Championship. Big shots by Anthony Ochoa and powerful play down low by St. Peters big men, Nick Soberanis and Keith Smith, sealed the victory and kept the (A1) four game winning streak alive.

In the final game of the night another team that started slow and has emerged as a playoff contender came to life showing some hidden talent that surprised the crowd and players alike. When the Presidio Coyotes previously faced Snatchtastic Jimmy Cook’s Dunk Heard Round Pacifica emphasized their win in week 2. The Coyotes did not take that loss lightly and have built a team that can compete with any other lineup in Fog City. Half way through the second period the Fog City highlight of the year came to be. Wyatt Griffiths displayed his vision and touch as his teammate Nick Gooding cut toward the hoop. From nearly half court Wyatt tossed up a spiraling Alley-Opp that met Nick above the rim as he finished with a retaliatory dunk that surprised everyone in the Arena and more than made up for their loss in the first matchup.

It was in the Primetime game (8pm) that the offensive talent emerged. In this fast paced shootout it seemed as if both teams hit every shot for the first 10 minutes. The Terra Nova Padres proved that they have a variety of players that can score when Jay Thompson, Tyler Stevens, and Andrew Kochevar put up a combined 61 points. But it takes more than just offense to win games and earn Player of the Week. This week’s player of the week showcased his ability to hit shots, defend against telegraphed passes and suspect ball handling, and most importantly out rebound players that are much taller. Jay Thompson proved that he can do it all as he hit 3’s, finished inside and had an all around outstanding performance. Congratulations to Gerald “Jay” Thompson who scored 20 points and earned this week’s PLAYER OF THE WEEK.

Congratulations to the Week 9 player of the week – Jay Thompson

Other Stars of the night include:

Wyatt Griffiths (Presidio Coyotes) 12 pts ***Highlight of the year Candidate
Nick Gooding (Presodio Coyotes) 16 pts ***Highlight of the year Candidate
Erwin Osotio (The Squad) 14 pts
Johnny Harrington (STP A1) 22 pts
Tyler Stevens (TN Padres) 18 pts
Andrew Kochevar (TN Padres) 23 pts

Week 8 POW – Angelo DeJesus

G – The Squad

I used one word to describe our season opener in January, the last time all of the teams in week 8 faced one another, RANGE. There were 37 three pointers on that night as the teams defined their characteristics, improved cohesiveness, and found their approach. The teams developed, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is their ability to shoot from a distance. The deep shots were spectacular in week 8 and the players produced a combined 39 Three pointers on the night, to top FCB week one’s 37.
This week, 3 teams had a chance to redeem their prior loss, but only one team succeeded in their attempt. In the Prime Time (8pm) matchup between Presidio Coyotes and Terra Nova Padres the game got physical. Two of the biggest teams in the league faced off pounding the boards and dropping long shots from the outside. It was inside power and offensive rebounding by Brad Harman and Jeremy Miller that made the difference for the Presidio Coyotes in their 55-48 victory.

The final matchup of the night is where the outside fireworks really began to catch fire. In a fast paced game between undefeated team, The Squad and Snatchtastic there were an impressive 20 three pointers made between both teams. The 3 point shower was led by opposing guards Rod Balandra and this week’s player of the week, Angelo DeJesus. Rod outdid his 15 point performance from the previous week and dropped 6 threes on the night, but his impressive night was quickly topped by The Squad team Captain, Angelo DeJesus who could not miss from outside the arch throughout the game. When the defense collapsed on the big men down low the Squad players capitalized and found Angelo’s hot hand. He set the league record for threes in a game with 7, and finished with 23 points in support of his well rounded team as they march toward the playoffs. Congratulations Angelo, you are the week 8 PLAYER OF THE WEEK.

Congratulations to the Week 8 player of the week – Angelo DeJesus

Other Stars of the night include:

Mark Campbell (The Squad) 16 pts
Rod Balandra (Snatchtastic) 20 pts
Jordan Valdry (TGWH) 18 Pts
Alex McKinley (TGWH) 20 pts
Johnny Moore (Still Ballin) 25 pts
Andrew Kochevar (TN Padres) 25 pts

Week 7 POW – Chris Solomon

F – The Squad

Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. Like an aggressive offensive rebound second chances are earned and those that capitalize celebrate the moment and share victory with the players that surround them. As we round out the halfway point of the season every team has learned their strengths, identified weaknesses, and is ready to seize their opportunity to face their opponents for a second time. In the final week of the first round of matchups we had the tightest competition of season. Every team pushed hard through the final moments of the game and we had our first overtime victory of the season.

In the heated battle between long time friends on St. Peters (A1) and the Presidio Coyotes it came down to fundamentals for the victorious (A1) team who is rising fast in the ranks. After two deep threes in the final seconds from Colin Hughes (Presidio Coyotes) that sent the game into Fog City’s first overtime, it was free throws and rebounds that sealed the victory for the opposing (A1) Players. Fog City founder Nate Gustavson was a clean 7 for 8 from the line in the final minutes pushing STPA1 just far enough ahead to hold onto the win.

In the final game of the night, which ended with just as much sweat and tension as the previous matchup, the player of the week made the difference. Chris Solomon proved that he has more than just an outside touch as he pushed the ball aggressively inside and finished when it counted. Solomon, a league leader in 3-point shots, drove the length of the court dishing when available and finishing when the opportunity arose. He proved that he has what it takes to keep his team undefeated as The Squad overcame a 1 point deficit in the final 10 seconds. Solomon was fouled as he drove to the rack in the final moments as he powered through the defense and finished for his 18th point of the night. His free-throw was the nail in the coffin as the Squad squeaked by The Great White Hype for their 6th win of the season. Congratulations to Chris Solomon who put up 19 pts and earned this week’s player of the week.

Congratulations to the Week 7 player of the week – Chris Solomon

Other Stars of the night include:

Alex McKinley (TGWH) 13 pts
Mark Campbell (The Squad) 16 pts
Tyler Stevens (TN Padres) 21 pts
Rod Balandra (Snatchtastic) 5 Three-Pointers
Johnny Harrington (STPA1) 19 pts
Colin Hughes (Presidio Coyotes) 15 pts

Week 6 POW – Johnny Harrington

G – St. Peters (A1)

As we approach the midpoint of the season the stands continue to fill, the play is constantly improving, and the highlights (and lowlights) entertain the fans and players alike. Week 6 was a BIG week for matchups. Although it is early in the season we are beginning to see the leaders emerge and the cream rise to the top.

The night kicked off with the highly anticipated matchup between two undefeated teams, The Squad vs. The Terra Nova Padres. These teams have a combined 3 players of the week and 5 of the top 10 league leaders in scoring. The competition did not disappoint as big time players made big time plays. But it wasn’t the league leaders that made the difference in this game… it was the supporting cast. TN Padres big man, Drew TenBruggencate, showed his touch from the outside hitting three 3-pointers, but they fell short as Jeremy Cariola ignited in the second half topping Drew’s hot hand with four threes from the corner and leading The Squad to their 5th victory and clear leadership position in the standings.

It was in the Prime Time (8pm) matchup of the night that this week’s Player of the Week emerged. After a slow start St. Peters (A1) has began to turn their season around, gradually climbing the ranks. One major contributor to their success is all-star waiver pick-up Johnny Harrington. This week Johnny collected 28 pts in the STP (A1) incredible comeback from a 13 pt first half deficit. Johnny showed that he can hit from anywhere on the court as he finished down low, hit free throws, and dropped deep shots from beyond the arch. The crowd knew it was Johnny’s night when he chased down a wild pass, and in one motion saved it from going out of bounds and threw up a soaring three that splashed smoothly through the net. Look for that one in an upcoming Fog City Highlight Reel. With Harrington leading the way (A1) has showed that they are contender in the first season of Fog City Basketball. Congratulations to Johnny Harrington, you are this week’s PLAYER OF THE WEEK.

Congratulations to the Week 6 player of the week – Johnny Harrington

Other Stars of the night include:

Jeremy Cariola (The Squad) 15 pts
Tyler Stevens (TN Padres) 12 Pts
Jim Cook (Snatchtastic) 14 pts
Luke Milon (TGWH) 13 Pts
Alex McKinley (TGWH) 13 Pts
Johnny Moore (Still Ballin) 15 pts

Week 5 POW – Tyler Stevens

G/F – Terra Nova Padres

The Fog City following is relentless. The stands were packed with fans, friends, and even more exciting, family. Wives, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and the best of all future Pacifica stars lined the court with loyalty for their beloved Fog City players. The children captivated the audience at times but did not distract from the competition on the court. Teams like the Terra Nova Padres are clearly pulling ahead while others like Presidio Coyotes have found there rhythm and are proving to be contenders. If there is one word to describe what separated the winners from the others it would be Teamwork. The teams that pulled ahead visibly played to each player’s strength and capitalized on the opportunities they created. Invaluable players made big time plays off the glass, beyond the arch, and on the free throw line.

On a night like this the player that stood out proved to be an integral part of every aspect of the game. Tyler Stevens put on a defensive clinic as he blocked shots, created numerous turnovers, and had a hand in the face of almost every shooter. Offensively Tyler not only found his shot, putting up 13 pts, he also found teammates like Jay Thompson (15pts) and Drew Tenbruggencante (10 Pts) at the right moment assisting them in their hot hands for the night. Tyler stepped up in the absence of one of his key players leading the Terra Nova Padres to their 4th victory.

Congratulations to the Week 5 player of the week – Tyler Stevens

Other Stars of the night include:

Johnny Harrington (St. Peter’s A1) 20 pts
Jay Thompson (TN Padres) 15 Pts
Taylos Butler (The Great White Hypes) 10 Pts (8-8 from free throw line)
Jim Cook (Snatchtastic) 14 Pts
Jimmy Brandt (Snatchtastic) 11 pts

Week 4 POW – Mark Campbell

F – The Squad

While the rain came down in buckets throughout the night on the fourth Tuesday of Fog City Basketball the nets stayed relatively dry inside Fog City Arena (aka IBL). The dry spell from Fog City players can be attributed the tireless hustle and scrappy play by every player from Guard to Center. It was definitely a night for each lineup to showcase their defense as 4 of the 6 teams were held to less than 40 points. But don’t let the low scores fool you. Every game came down to the final minutes and the crowd lit up as their favorite players dove for loose balls, picked lazy crossovers, and blocked ill-advised shots.

One player clearly stood out from the rest with his selfless play and dominant finish near the rack. Mark Campbell of the Squad spent the first half distributing the ball to his teammates giving them wide open looks and opportunities to score. The second half was another story as Mark put the pressure on creating turnovers, grabbing boards, and most importantly finishing every opportunity he had inside the key. In his well rounded game Mark amassed 25 pts making him the league leader in points scored.

Congratulations to the Week 4 player of the week – Mark Campbell

Other Stars of the night include:

Brent Tenbruggencate (TN Padres) 17 pts
Drew McAdams (Still Ballin) 14 Pts
Colin Hughes (Presidio Coyotes) 13 Pts
Jordan Valdry (TGWH) 10 Pts
Tyler Stevens (TN Padres) 10 pts

Week 3 POW – John Moore

G – Still Ballin’

Another night of quality hoops is in the books. Each team’s personality began to emerge as the night went on. There are the teams that run and gun daring their competition to keep up with the speed of the game, along with teams that play BIG basketball cleaning up boards and working the post. There are the long range shooting teams that create their shots and dissect zone defenses, as well as aggressive teams that drive hard to the hoop and cleanup on the free throw line. After three weeks one thing is clear… this will be a long competitive season with surprising new stars emerging every Tuesday night.

The game of the night came down to the last second as the winning team successfully passed the ball around for the final moments clinging to their 1 point lead. In this fast paced race to the buzzer both teams put up a combined 119 points as Still Ballin’ edged out Snatchtastic in their exciting 60-59 victory. While it was an incredible team effort that led to Still Ballin’s first win one player emerged as an unstoppable force with his 28 point performance. Johnny Moore showed his speed and versatility as he sliced through the key finishing nearly every drive and pulled up from well beyond the arch for 12 of his 28 on the night. Johnny’s effort combined with support from Still Ballin’s deep roster proved that they have a team to fear and earned him the week 3 player of the week.

Congratulations to the Week 3 player of the week – John Moore

Other Stars of the night include:

Chris Solomon (The Squad) 21 pts
Nico Rodriquez (The Great White Hype) 16 pts
Nick Soberanis (St. Peters A1) 12 pts
Ryan Fernandez (Snatchtastic) 17 pts
Colin Hughes (Presidio Coyotes) 4 Three Pointers

Week 2 POW – Jim Cook

F/C – Snatchtastic

When Fog City Basketball was created there were numerous questions regarding the success of individual athletes, their combined efforts as a team, and the sensation of the league itself. Questions like; will every team be competitive? Will the community be involved to support their friends, family and neighbors, and most importantly… will anybody dunk?

All of those questions were answered immediately in week two. There was remarkable support for the teams and players. The fans ranged from loving parents and grandparents to former college basketball greats as the Fog City following grew in allegiance. Teams that had not played in years dusted off the rust from week one and competed to the last minute with their opponents resulting in 3 exciting matchups.

And the answer to the final question that the fans and players eagerly awaited came late in the first game of the night. As the tight matchup between Snatchtastic and the Presidio Coyotes came down to the final minutes Jim Cook of Snatchtastic stole the crowd when he threw down an authoritative two handed dunk electrifying the gym and igniting cheers from the bleachers. Jim’s dunk, heard ’round Pacifica, added his final 2 points to a total of 10. He showed that he has the strength to play big and the finesse to finish which earned him this week’s player of the week.


Erwin Osotio of The Squad deserves recognition for his 21 point performance in the closest game of the night vs. St. Peters A1. His ability to hit shots from inside and out of the arch and incredible endurance at the end of the matchup secured The Squads second victory of the season.

Congratulations to the Week 2 Players of the Week- Jim Cook & Erwin Osotio

Other Stars of the night include:
Keith Smith- (St Peters A1) 19 pts
Nick Soberanis- (St Peters A1) 8 pts and tons of boards
Jimmy Brandt- (Snatchtastic) 12 pts
Andrew Kochevar- (TN Padres) 23 pts
Eric Farrell- (TN Padres) 17 pts

Week 1 POW – Andrew Kochevar

G/F – Terra Nova Padres

The day was full of anticipation for every player in the newly founded Fog City Basketball league. It was Tuesday, January 25, 2011… game day. For some, just one of many games they play year round, and for others their first game back after some time away from the court. Either way it was a tremendous success for all to be back on the hardwood, competing amongst friends, and sharpening their skills.

If I had to choose one word to describe the night it would be Range, as in ability to shoot from a distance. The difference between the 3 winning teams and the others was the ability to make the 3 point shot. There were an incredible total of 37 threes made throughout the night. Where Pacificans lack in size they make up in their ability to shoot and hustle. One player combined both skills and has been deservingly named this week’s Player of the Week.

Andrew Kochevar of the TN Padres showed his range in the closest game of the night. He hit five 3’s to seal the victory against worthy opponent; Presidio Coyotes in their 43 to 34 win. His ability to locate and secure loose balls along with sniper like vision from outside the arch displayed both of Pacifica’s top talents. He also capitalized when he got to the line gathering 8 of his 27 points on free throws.

Congratulations to the Week 1 player of the week – Andrew Kochevar

Other Stars of the night include:

Mark Campbell – 22 pts
Chris Solomon – 17 pts
Luke Milon – 14 pts
Michael Fuller – 15 pts
Brad Harman – 15 pts
Eric Jones – 16 pts

Preseason POW – Steve Van Zant

F – St. Peters A1

3 weeks until regular season tip-off but that’s not holding any (A1) Fog City players back. It’s time to lace up the kicks, break out the basketball, and start shooting free throws. This week one player stood out from the rest with his new attitude and exceptional discipline. Steven Van Zant of the St. Peters (A1) Celtics showed that he has only lost a couple steps since the days when he towered over his peers and almost dunked more than a handful of times, (Middle School). Steve showed surprising bursts of speed snatching boards and driving to the basket in his first pick up game since 2005 when he almost collapsed in Montara. Within the first 5 minutes of the game he didn’t shy away from an NBA range 3-pointer at St. Peters Gym…The ball fell smoothly through the net as the rest of the player’s jaws dropped in amazement.

A few days later, as the sun set on a Thursday, Steve showed how committed he is to dominating this season. He showed up at Valley Mar outdoor court and after winning a game of H-O-R-S-E he began to run suicides. He said he couldn’t make it past three, but after walking off the pain for a few minutes he sucked it up and finished 2 more, needing little or no encouragement. That’s the attitude that Fog City needs. Nice work and congratulations!

You are this week’s PLAYER OF THE WEEK!!

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