League Rules & Policies

Fog City Basketball League Rules & Policies


1. Any player or team, who wishes to file a formal complaint or protest, should put it in writing and email it to the League Directors, Nate Gustavson and Brian Long at FogCityBasketball@Gmail.com, within 24 hours of the incident. The League Directorswill respond to the letter within 48 hours of receiving it.

2. Any “game-time” decisions, regarding ANY issue should be discussed with the following people present: the league coordinator/head referee and both team captains.

3. Fog City League Directors reserve the right to suspend and/or expel any player from league play for acts of misconduct.


Forfeiting in advance – if you know your team is going to forfeit and not show up, you must contact Fog City Basketball League Directors 24 hours in advance. Late notice (within 24 hours of game) – your team will be responsible for paying the referee fees for both teams ($45) AND will be charged a $50 FORFEIT FEE which will be given to the opposing team as compensation for them arriving to a game without receiving notice of a forfeit.

Forfeiting at game time with some team members present – if your team attempts to field a team but fails to have enough players to play, your team will be responsible for paying your opponents referee fee (as well as your own upon their request). Therefore, the entire referee fee of $45.

NO SHOW – If your team is a complete NO SHOW, failing to contact Fog City Basketball and failing to have any players present at the game, your team will be subject to the above penalties (ref & forfeit fees), and MAY be ineligible for league playoffs and/or removed from the remainder of the schedule.

4. Tie breaker policy to determine seeding for playoffs:

a) Record

b) Head to Head (only if all tied teams played each other an equal number of times);

c) Record against common opponents;

If multiple teams are tied, go thru criteria one at a time until one team is determined stronger (or weaker) than the rest, then start at the top again with the “new” tied teams.


5. No more than five players on the floor at one time per team.

6. A team must have at least 3 players ready to play at game time or it is a forfeit. All players must be listed on and have signed their team’s official roster in order to be eligible to play. If a team has at least 3, but not 4, they may pick up ONE player from the prior game. It is the responsibility of the team captain adding the player to notify the opposing team captain & referee BEFORE the game, otherwise a forfeit will be awarded. DURING THE PLAYOFFS, NO PICK-UP PLAYERS ALLOWED. YOU MUST COMPETE WITH YOUR TEAM ONLY!

7. Players may be added to the roster at any point during the regular season. HOWEVER, team players must compete in at least 5 regular season games to be considered eligible for the playoffs.. Any roster additions must be accompanied by payment (league fee & jersey fee). Any “special circumstances” for roster additions or subtractions must be presented to the League Directors in writing and cleared by him/her before the player can play in their first game for that team.

8.. You may not pick up a substitute if you already have five players present who are on your roster. If you pick up a substitute from another team in the league, it will be considered a forfeit loss, unless the opposing team is okay with your team using that player. This type of forfeit loss will count again playoff seeding tie-breakers. If you use a substitute for a second game, they must be added to your roster and purchase a Fog City Basketball jersey. PICKING UP PLAYERS IS ONLY ALLOWED IN REGULAR SEASON GAMES, NOT IN THE PLAYOFFS. Protesting: If your team thinks that the opponent picked-up too many people, or neglected to inform you & the referee, or that an illegal player was used; you must bring it to the attention of the coordinator BEFORE the game is over. The coordinator will note the protest and talk to the opposing team after the game, the coordinator will NOT make a decision on the protest but will gather information and forward to Fog City Basketball League Directors, so they can decide the appropriate penalty.

9. Jewelry (including watches) and hats are not permitted to be worn during the game.

10. Players must wear team jerseys (provided by league); All team members must be uniformed in jerseys of the same color with clearly identifiable numbers. Any member of a team not adhering to this will not be allowed to participate in league play. If you forget your jersey, inform the league director and he may have a spare jersey to lend for the game. However, if you consistently need to borrow a jersey, you may be asked to purchase a new jersey.

11. Players may only be on one team roster per league night.


12. Referees will be using current California State High School rules; any rules not specifically covered in these rules will revert to those rules. Examples are backcourt violations; 3, 5 & 10 seconds. (Exceptions to California High School rules: Each player is allowed 5 fouls. Players foul out on their 5th foul. When lined up for foul shots, player lined up can break when the shooter releases the ball, shooter and those behind the arc must wait for the ball to hit the rim)

13. There will be two 20-minute running time halves. The game clock will start on time, regardless if the teams are ready to play or not. Teams will have a 10 minute “grace period” before a forfeit is declared. During the 10 minute period (as time is running off the clock), the team that is ready to play will get 2 points for each minute that runs off the clock. If both teams are not ready, the clock will still run, however points will not be awarded until one team is ready to play. Then 2 points will be awarded from that point on, until both teams are ready to play or the 10 minutes have passed.

14. All games ending in a tie will play a 3-minute overtime with stop time in the last minute. Each team will be given one time-out. Each team will continue with the same amount of team fouls they had at the end of regulation. If at the end of the first overtime, the game is still tied, 2 minute running-time overtime periods will continue to be played until a winner is decided. Each team will be given one-time out during these overtime periods. During the playoffs, if at the end of the first overtime, the game is still tied, 2 minute overtime periods will continue with stop time in the last minute. Each team will be given one-time out.

15. Each team begins the game with 3 time outs. If a team does not use a time out in the first half, they lose one time out and will only have 2 time outs in the second half. The maximum amount of timeouts in the second half per team is 2. The maximum number of time outs per regulation game is 3.

16. Jump ball to start the game, alternate possession for the rest of the game when necessary.

17. During the final minute of the first half and the final two minutes of the second half, the clock will stop on all whistles.

18. This is an officiated league, with 1 referee per game. The use of profanity, vulgarity, taunting and the verbal abuse of players and/or officials will not be tolerated. Offending players will receive a technical foul. Two technical fouls in one game will result in ejection and that player will not be allowed to play in the following game. Players with repeated instances of poor behavior will be removed from the league

19. Teams can only sub on dead balls.


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